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Posted by on Aug 14, 2011 in I love... | 5 comments

A little help from my friends

Tomorrow we leave for our two week road trip through seven states, Colorado being one of them.  I am excited for the whole trip and not just running Leadville 100.  It’s not just about the race its about sharing this adventure and journey with Andrew.  Besides, life will go on after Leadville regardless if I finish or not.  Leadville is a part of the the trip, but not the main attraction.  It’s simply an excuse to explore another part of the states that I have not seen before with an experience that will challenge  my mind as much as my body.   Our trip will be filled with thousands of  kilometers of highway through rolling hills, hot deserts, salt flats, rocky mountains, grasslands and pine forests.

Now one doesn’t just run a hundred miles without a little help from your friends.  If it wasn’t for Nicola Gildersleeve’s  running program I would probably be injured or unmotivated to train, but she kept me on track and inspired me to run with the emphasis on fun.   The whole team at Moveo Sport and Rehabilitation where I work not only helped keep my body from breaking down but encouraged me along the way when things may not have gone as planned.  At one point I succumbed to a L4 nerve root lesion which almost kept me out of the game.  I was within weeks of giving up due to the pain shooting down the front of my leg every time I ran but Kelly McNabey(saved my butt) a level 2 manual physiotherapist at Moveo worked with me each week to strengthen the muscle imbalances that my body had created while manually treating the tight ones that kept the vertebrae from compressing on the nerve.  Of course I had to comply to the exercises which I will admit I was 75% good at doing. The body fascinates me and how well it will adapt when one muscle or area is not doing its job because of weakness or tightness. Something else will inevitably take over and take up the slack.  Unfortunately,over time these adaptations will not be able to sustain the load and will eventually lead to injury especially while training for any ultra distance. Of course I’ve had amazing words of encouragement from my close friends and family too. Jen gave me a wrapped gift that says open when things become dire.  Hmmm could that be after climbing hope pass?  Andrew has been a great support and I am excited that I am able to share this adventure over the next two weeks. During the race he will be my crewer, videographer, photographer, consoler, cheer leader, organizer and supporter.  Wow big  job Andrew,  big job ahead of you!!!!

Everyday for the last few days my mom has been sending me inspiring quotes.  My favorite one so far is:


“Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain.” unknown

Have fun out there!


Kristie Elliot



  1. Good luck, Kristie. We’ll all be watching. Enjoy the ride, the food, and the people. Smiling is always the key.

    • Thanks Tom!

  2. Have a great holiday, and wishing you luck at Leadville!!! I LOVE your moms quote- I see where you get your great attitude. May that attitude carry through the full 100 !!!

    • Thanks Heather having a great time enjoying the hot weather in Moab, leaving tomorrow for Leadville!

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