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A new year a new overhaul

A new year a new overhaul

Ok, so I didn’t write much last year.  I didn’t disappear or give up running for that matter I just simply forgot to write.  After an exciting year of getting married and going on an amazing honeymoon it was time to revamp this website.  I had to decide if I wanted to continue or not.  I am changing things up a bit.  I plan to add a research section in which I will review informative evidence based research in regards to anything and everything related to running.  I have access to hundreds of journals and plan to review and write on anything that peaks my interest.    I also plan to tell more stories of places and people that have or unknowingly inspire me in the community that I live and work in.

Running was pretty low key last year.  I ran a few smaller races and started the Squamish 50 miler but had to pull out a couple hours in due to some lower leg and feet cramping.  Nothing seem to fix it and they just kept getting worse.  That was disappointing but my fault for being depleted the week before.  Waking up in the middle of every night with calf cramps is a warning sign of electrolyte imbalance.  I blame it on an 8 hour hike in the hot alpine with very little water and food the weekend before the race.

Nothing too big this year for races but I signed up for the Squamish 50km.  Ok,  its going to be one tough race.  I am starting small this year and plan to run a solid 50km with no injuries.  As always just aim to enjoy the trails.

Stay tuned for an update on  hiking on the Tour Du Mont Blanc (TMB) during our honeymoon.  This is one place to come and race, run or hike.

photo by Alvis Plavis of Bliss Pictures

photo by Alvis Plavis of Bliss Pictures



Have fun out there!



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