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Posted by on Feb 17, 2013 in I love... | 2 comments

Our day filled with love: August 26, 2012

Our day filled with love: August 26, 2012

Andrew and I got married on a lake at my families cottage in Thunder Bay, On. August 2012.  It was a simple but beautiful day.  Our friends and family sharing in our small rustic cottage wedding was a moment in time I will never forget.  It was perfect.  My heart was overwhelmed with love for our friends, our families and for Andrew.  Everything from the photographer Alvis Plavins of Bliss Pictures, our rustic homemade cakes by Kathryn, our sweet chef Rhonda from A fine fit catering  with all of her fresh local creations and our officiant truly love what they do.  This was really important to us in finding the right people to share in our intimate day.  This passion illuminates from them and shows in their work.  This  energy is contagious and brought out the best in us.  They truly live what they love.  So thank you so much for being a part of our day!

Some of Alvis’ awesome photos from our wedding.


Andrew’s mom walked him down to the dock


 My bother brought me down to my dad in which my dad seems in a hurry to marry me off



Geoff handing me off to my Dad

My dad handing me off to Andrew.  Andrew can barely keep his eyes dry.  He is so sweet.




Bev and Pete playing a song for us. Andrew’s parents


I always wanted to get married at the end of the dock.





We are married and sealed with a kiss!!  The sun was so nice. It felt like we were in our own little world.


The self serve bar.  Just what you need at the cottage.



My mom she is my rock and she was so amazing with the all wedding details!  I couldn’t of done it without her or my auntie Gayle or Uncle Ralph.



Our fun with Alvis from Bliss Pictures!!

Andrew’s brother Geoff took these photo’s of Alvis working














My girls Erika and Kearin.  We have been friends since high school.  Andrew’s brothers below Paul and Geoff.

my besties





my girls and his brothers






Vanilla, chocolate and lemon cake.  Delicious and rustic! Thanks Kathyrn.  Andrew took these two photos as Alvis left before dinner.


cakes by Desserts only and Andrew took this one

The food was local, fresh and beautifully presented.  The tarts were so pretty! Thanks Rhonda!  Rhonda was super cute and such a good chef.

Andrew took this one of Rhonda’s tarts, they were so good.

There you have it!  A few of my favorite pictures.  Love is fun and I have fun with Andrew and that is all that really matters. Both of us were really happy before we met each other. I think that it  is important to fully be happy in yourself and love yourself before you can truly and unconditionally love someone else.  It took some time but I final got it.  Happiness comes from within and no one person can make that happen.  Happiness in our own lives brought us to each other.    Like attracts like.  We compliment one another and bring out the best in each other.  I am grateful for having him  in my life and each day I love him more and appreciate and support  the person he is and the person he wants to become.

Live today and appreciate each moment as for right now is where I want to be.

have fun out there!


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A new year a new overhaul

A new year a new overhaul

Ok, so I didn’t write much last year.  I didn’t disappear or give up running for that matter I just simply forgot to write.  After an exciting year of getting married and going on an amazing honeymoon it was time to revamp this website.  I had to decide if I wanted to continue or not.  I am changing things up a bit.  I plan to add a research section in which I will review informative evidence based research in regards to anything and everything related to running.  I have access to hundreds of journals and plan to review and write on anything that peaks my interest.    I also plan to tell more stories of places and people that have or unknowingly inspire me in the community that I live and work in.

Running was pretty low key last year.  I ran a few smaller races and started the Squamish 50 miler but had to pull out a couple hours in due to some lower leg and feet cramping.  Nothing seem to fix it and they just kept getting worse.  That was disappointing but my fault for being depleted the week before.  Waking up in the middle of every night with calf cramps is a warning sign of electrolyte imbalance.  I blame it on an 8 hour hike in the hot alpine with very little water and food the weekend before the race.

Nothing too big this year for races but I signed up for the Squamish 50km.  Ok,  its going to be one tough race.  I am starting small this year and plan to run a solid 50km with no injuries.  As always just aim to enjoy the trails.

Stay tuned for an update on  hiking on the Tour Du Mont Blanc (TMB) during our honeymoon.  This is one place to come and race, run or hike.

photo by Alvis Plavis of Bliss Pictures

photo by Alvis Plavis of Bliss Pictures



Have fun out there!


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I’ve got you babe! Creating our own traditions

I’ve got you babe! Creating our own traditions

I have some exciting news!  My crewer/photographer/director/supporter/friend/confider/goofing around/lover/ adventurer/boyfriend has asked me to marry him.  He was suppose to ask me up in the Callaghan valley while we were cross country skiing before Christmas but due to rain and exhaustion on my part we never made it.  Instead I received a really nice surprise over Christmas

I have grown much since meeting Andrew. Even before meeting him I protected myself by saying I’m not living with another guy until I’m engaged. In the beginning I let my fears of abandonment, trust and commitment lead the way but as I spent more time with Andrew I saw that he loved and supported me at my most vulnerable.  Ultra running being one of those!! From the time I let go, and moved in I knew that we would spend the rest of our lives adventuring together.  The engagement ring is an added bonus but not as important as I once thought. I see it as  a symbolism of trust, commitment, love and respect.    But, I see Andrew for much more.

We plan to have a small cozy cottage wedding in the summer with our immediate families and our closest friends.  A celebration of love with those we hold dear in our hearts.  A thank you to those who have touched our lives past and present and support us as we leap together hand and hand creating our own family traditions.  My mom once told me that when I find that person to hold forever that we then become a family (Andrew,I and Talbot), to create our own family traditions and to always do what’s best for our family. (ya, I’m the one who has to live with him,..haha) This Christmas was a start of our first family tradition.  I’m excited for more!


Have fun out there!


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The upcoming municipal elections are here and voting ends on Saturday.  To tell you the truth I have never voted for any mayor and council in any city that I have lived in.  Why?  Well for one, since moving to BC I have moved around nine times in the last 7 and half years . I guess I never felt like I had a community to hold as my own and share with those around me.  It took me awhile to figure out a place and community that felt right to invest time and energy in.  It will be coming up to a year in December since I moved to Squamish and this is finally the place I know in my heart that I want to raise my family and live and play.  This morning I was running along the snowy streets in Brackendale and passed three people along the way.  All three  either said hi, waved or nodded as I ran by.  This put a huge smile on my face as I knew that this was the type of community I’m proud to be apart of.  I grew up in a wonderful small suburb outside Ottawa,  in which people talked to their neighbours, looked out for each other,  there were countless outdoor parks and bike paths and kids could play without a care in the world.  Now my tiny hometown has grown ten times since those days, but I have been searching for such a strong and positive vibe that the suburb Barhaven has left on me.  The upcoming election is a chance to make positive change right here in my own town where things like, trails, parks, developments, water and schools affect the community that I choose to be a part of.  So I hope that everyone who loves thier community and what it stands for will go out and vote this Saturday as I welcome some positive and inspiring leadership that is needed in my community that I love.


Squamish with the chief in the background.



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A little help from my friends

Tomorrow we leave for our two week road trip through seven states, Colorado being one of them.  I am excited for the whole trip and not just running Leadville 100.  It’s not just about the race its about sharing this adventure and journey with Andrew.  Besides, life will go on after Leadville regardless if I finish or not.  Leadville is a part of the the trip, but not the main attraction.  It’s simply an excuse to explore another part of the states that I have not seen before with an experience that will challenge  my mind as much as my body.   Our trip will be filled with thousands of  kilometers of highway through rolling hills, hot deserts, salt flats, rocky mountains, grasslands and pine forests.

Now one doesn’t just run a hundred miles without a little help from your friends.  If it wasn’t for Nicola Gildersleeve’s  running program I would probably be injured or unmotivated to train, but she kept me on track and inspired me to run with the emphasis on fun.   The whole team at Moveo Sport and Rehabilitation where I work not only helped keep my body from breaking down but encouraged me along the way when things may not have gone as planned.  At one point I succumbed to a L4 nerve root lesion which almost kept me out of the game.  I was within weeks of giving up due to the pain shooting down the front of my leg every time I ran but Kelly McNabey(saved my butt) a level 2 manual physiotherapist at Moveo worked with me each week to strengthen the muscle imbalances that my body had created while manually treating the tight ones that kept the vertebrae from compressing on the nerve.  Of course I had to comply to the exercises which I will admit I was 75% good at doing. The body fascinates me and how well it will adapt when one muscle or area is not doing its job because of weakness or tightness. Something else will inevitably take over and take up the slack.  Unfortunately,over time these adaptations will not be able to sustain the load and will eventually lead to injury especially while training for any ultra distance. Of course I’ve had amazing words of encouragement from my close friends and family too. Jen gave me a wrapped gift that says open when things become dire.  Hmmm could that be after climbing hope pass?  Andrew has been a great support and I am excited that I am able to share this adventure over the next two weeks. During the race he will be my crewer, videographer, photographer, consoler, cheer leader, organizer and supporter.  Wow big  job Andrew,  big job ahead of you!!!!

Everyday for the last few days my mom has been sending me inspiring quotes.  My favorite one so far is:


“Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain.” unknown

Have fun out there!


Kristie Elliot

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