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The upcoming municipal elections are here and voting ends on Saturday.  To tell you the truth I have never voted for any mayor and council in any city that I have lived in.  Why?  Well for one, since moving to BC I have moved around nine times in the last 7 and half years . I guess I never felt like I had a community to hold as my own and share with those around me.  It took me awhile to figure out a place and community that felt right to invest time and energy in.  It will be coming up to a year in December since I moved to Squamish and this is finally the place I know in my heart that I want to raise my family and live and play.  This morning I was running along the snowy streets in Brackendale and passed three people along the way.  All three  either said hi, waved or nodded as I ran by.  This put a huge smile on my face as I knew that this was the type of community I’m proud to be apart of.  I grew up in a wonderful small suburb outside Ottawa,  in which people talked to their neighbours, looked out for each other,  there were countless outdoor parks and bike paths and kids could play without a care in the world.  Now my tiny hometown has grown ten times since those days, but I have been searching for such a strong and positive vibe that the suburb Barhaven has left on me.  The upcoming election is a chance to make positive change right here in my own town where things like, trails, parks, developments, water and schools affect the community that I choose to be a part of.  So I hope that everyone who loves thier community and what it stands for will go out and vote this Saturday as I welcome some positive and inspiring leadership that is needed in my community that I love.


Squamish with the chief in the background.




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