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Posted by on Jun 20, 2011 in Trail Running | 0 comments

First Race finished in almost 3 years!

First Race finished in almost 3 years!

Training has been super,  thanks to Nicola Gildersleeve on crafting a program for myself.  She keeps me motivated and properly trained as the tendency for  myself is to always do more then I should per week.  Since she can see what I do through the computer training program it also keeps me accountable to not just myself but someone else.  Last year I attempted Fat Dog 100 in which I quit after 90km or so.  I didn’t run any races that year before Fat Dog 100, in fact I haven’t run a race since the knee knacker in 2008.  I was injured in 2009 and decided to run Fat Dog 100 because of the amazing beauty of Cathedral provincial park and Manning park.  For me I planned it as an adventure with my friend  then as race.

Winthrop, Wa

So this year I have added a few races and the first one I ran was Sun Mountain 50km on May 22nd. (almost a month ago, slow at posting) I went down with Nicola and a bunch of amazing trail running girls to Withrop, Washington.  I was excited to be around some positive girl power energy as well as finishing and running my first race in a few years.  The race itself was lots of fun and quite beautiful.  Sage bush lead the way up the hilly single track with wide open views all around me.  A totally different experience then running amongst the cool dense coastal forests of BC.  After some doubt in the first hour of the race, I finished the race with a huge smile on my face as I was met with high fives from all the girls.  Of course the pizza, beer and live band was an amazing plus to this running event.

The girls waiting for me to come in after their amazing finishes

Hi fives from Nicola, Cathy, Gretel and Shauna

I have to admit it was nice running with people again.  I tend to do most if not all my training by myself.  I enjoyed talking to people along the way and cheering racers on who were passing by me.  The first hour of the race as well as the first hour of any training run feels sluggish and slow.  It takes my lungs and heart rate anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to feel warmed up and steady.  Perhaps this is why I felt a bit doubtful in the first hour of the race.  “If I feel like this, out of breath, out of shape  and wanting to walk then there is no way I am going to finish”  are the thoughts that entered my head as many people passed me and I passed no one in the first hour.  The first hour went by and just like magic, my lungs opened up as though they were expanding and I was able to settle into a perfect and constant rhythm.  As each hour of the race passed by I felt stronger and fitter.  All the doubt faded, as I slowly passed people all throughout the race.  The last six miles was the best part of the race for me.  I felt strong on the climb, fast on the descent and happy all the way to the finish.

So far a good start towards my ultimate goal of finishing Leadville trail 100

after the race, having fun

Have fun out there!!



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