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Posted by on Aug 11, 2013 in I love... | 0 comments

I love Camping

I love Camping

Last weekend we went camping in Well's Gray Provincial park.  One of my favorite things to do.  As with my long love of running my family has taking us tenting since we were toddlers.   No cell phone coverage meant pure awesomeness!

Though one draw back of tenting is the dreaded middle of the night pee.  Dark and cozy in our sleeping bags holding on for awhile before realizing the inevitable.  We both arose out of our cozy bags at the same time around 2:30am.  Sometimes these moments are worth it. 

"whoa look at the stars" followed by Andrew rummaging around in the tent. 

"what are you doing"  I said

"Putting pants on to go down to the beach to take some pictures" He says

This is what traveling with a photographer is like.  Any moment could bring something truly beautiful, inspiring or new to try. 

3am star gazing with my love is not a bad way to spend a weekend


Another early morning as the sun came up

Waterfalls with Talbot  ( our dog) and I.  This may be one of his last few adventures.  Our hikes are shorter but still beautiful. 

Can you see us?


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