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Posted by on Jan 22, 2012 in Favorite articles, Trail Running | 4 comments

Love those Salomon Video’s

Salomon has done it right with their high quality film making about trail running. I truly have enjoyed the series of short films such as Killian’s Quest and other team Salomon vids. This film is my favorite of 2011, simply a year in review for team Salomon with timely editing, epic trails, raw emotion, beautiful landscapes, captivating music and inspiring runners. It’s not the stars that make this piece for me but the true beauty of the filming and the adventure of what and where trail running can bring us. I have been struggling with running lately, still not feeling a hundred percent and this motivates and inspires me to get back out there do what I love so much.



  1. Thanks for the vid Kristie. And please don’t worry, you’ll find and run your trails soon again. Does it help to know that you inspired me to start trail running?

    • Thanks Richard! Trail running is awesome, glad you are enjoying it! I’m slowly getting back on the trails, and hearing that, I just want to work harder to get back out there, though its a bit snowy right now on them:)

  2. Those shots of them running on the mountain from 2:15 to 2:22 are epic! It reminds me of one of those runs where the sunset is awesome, and the air is fresh with the perfect temp, and you feel like you could run forever if you just stayed in that moment. I love those runs.

  3. Hey Kristie –

    Did you get back into your running groove? Missing your inspiring posts!

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