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Posted by on Jan 4, 2012 in I love... | 2 comments

I’ve got you babe! Creating our own traditions

I’ve got you babe! Creating our own traditions

I have some exciting news!  My crewer/photographer/director/supporter/friend/confider/goofing around/lover/ adventurer/boyfriend has asked me to marry him.  He was suppose to ask me up in the Callaghan valley while we were cross country skiing before Christmas but due to rain and exhaustion on my part we never made it.  Instead I received a really nice surprise over Christmas

I have grown much since meeting Andrew. Even before meeting him I protected myself by saying I’m not living with another guy until I’m engaged. In the beginning I let my fears of abandonment, trust and commitment lead the way but as I spent more time with Andrew I saw that he loved and supported me at my most vulnerable.  Ultra running being one of those!! From the time I let go, and moved in I knew that we would spend the rest of our lives adventuring together.  The engagement ring is an added bonus but not as important as I once thought. I see it as  a symbolism of trust, commitment, love and respect.    But, I see Andrew for much more.

We plan to have a small cozy cottage wedding in the summer with our immediate families and our closest friends.  A celebration of love with those we hold dear in our hearts.  A thank you to those who have touched our lives past and present and support us as we leap together hand and hand creating our own family traditions.  My mom once told me that when I find that person to hold forever that we then become a family (Andrew,I and Talbot), to create our own family traditions and to always do what’s best for our family. (ya, I’m the one who has to live with him,..haha) This Christmas was a start of our first family tradition.  I’m excited for more!


Have fun out there!




  1. Congratulations on your engagement! May all your adventures together in life be grand.

    • thank you!!

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