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Posted by on Aug 19, 2011 in Trail Running | 0 comments

Leadville 100 Here I Come

Leadville 100 Here I Come

I had the best week leading up to Leadville 100.  First of all I had the week off from work which means time off my feet.  I spend about 6 hours a day on my feet treating people with soft tissue injuries.  This is key for me.   Andrew and I left Sunday from Squamish and traveled 3000km driving through 5 states and staying, hiking and photographing everything from the Bruneau sand dunes and watching lightening in Idaho, the salt flats in Utah, and finishing off with two days in Moab exploring Arches National Park.  The best part was getting up at 3:30am on Wednesday (hey Andrew will be doing that for me in two days time) driving into Arches and hiking up to the back side of landscape arch.  Andrew set up a time lapse and took photos with the stars and the moon and eventually we watched the sun come up.  It was amazing.  This is Andrew’s  passion and it was nice to share his love and excitement for photography along this trip. Afterward we decided to do another short  hike which turned into a 3 hour jaunt through the hot desert.  Oops!  Oh and Andrew was carrying all his heavy camera gear.  But, luckily afterward we had the Colorado river right beside our campsite to cool off in.

Well, the race starts 4:00am on Saturday and I will be carrying the SPOT (a GPS tracking device) so family and friends can see where I am every 20 minutes.  Andrew will be tweeting if there is good reception on how I am doing.  You can track my progress live online

Below are some photos that Andrew took of our trip leading up to Leadville.







Have fun out there


Kristie Elliot


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