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Posted by on Aug 7, 2011 in Trail Running | 7 comments

Less then two weeks to Leadville Trail 100

Entrants list to Leadville trail 100


Finally they posted the entrants list for Leadville Trail 100 race on August 20th and 21st.  I received my confirmation back in February but there is something about seeing your name on the entrants list.  I arrived at work on Saturday and realized they had posted the entrants list.  As I scrolled down to page seven my stomach began to knot up.  Can I throw up now or shall I wait till some point during the race?  I am nervous and scared and excited but I know this isn’t going to be easy this is a challenge after all and I am testing my own personal limits.  We all have our own goals and they are just as brilliant as the next person’s goal whether its a lengthy adventure bike trip from the tip of South America to the most northern route in Canada, training for a personal best in a marathon or simply running your your first 5km and doing something that  might be slightly knew and out of your own comfort zone.    Anything is possible and attainable.  For me I am testing my ability to finish a 100 miles at 10000 feet in allotted 30 hours time frame.  It’s me against the clock, its my mind against myself and my body against my mind.


Have fun out there

Kristie Elliot



  1. WOO HOO!!
    Well said Kristie. Enjoy the journey, no matter how painful and difficult it may seem when you’re cresting 12,500feet over Hope Pass

    • Thanks Gary!! 🙂

  2. Kristie,
    I was just on facebook and saw that you had a blog going, so I thought I would read it. As I am reading this, I think you are one crazy girl but I wish you good luck and I hope you attain your goal.
    PS. 26 miles is enough for me, I can’t even imagine 100 miles!

    • thanks for checking out the blog, yep a bit crazy but so are you for running marathons, they are hard too cause you are going much faster!

  3. Best of luck in the race. I am entered as well — my first Ultra! You’re not alone in having doubts about finishing! Hope to see you at the starting line – AND at the finish.

    • good luck on your first ultra at Leadville and I will see you at the start and the finish!

  4. Hi Kristie,
    We have enjoyed reading your blog, you do a good job with it.
    Enjoyed reading about Thunder Bay and seeing your pics.
    You know we will be rooting for you in the race and looking forward to hearing all about your trip adventures.
    Andrew was showing us the gadget he bought for tracking the trip and the race, looks good.
    Have a safe and fun trip. Best of luck with the race, slow and steady does it.
    Take care and love to you both
    Bev & Peter

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