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Posted by on Jul 19, 2011 in Hiking | 0 comments

Rainbow lake

Rainbow lake

Unfortunately this summer is the summer of winter around here. Fat dog 100 from Cathedral provincial park to Manning park just got canceled due to mountains of snow.  Knee knacker 2011 had plenty of snow to run on or through depending on where your foot landed and trying to hike up peaks as training has become more difficult due to the snow or less desirable due to weather conditions.  Though I have to say training has been so much fun this year exploring new trails, hiking through snow, adventuring with new people, and stopping to smell the roses more often.  On our second last adventure Andrew said that I complained that the hike wasn’t as steep as the guide book had told us and instead I missed out on some cool nature details that he observed on our way up Sigurd creek.  Last week, heading of High falls and yesterday I enjoyed the hikes immensely because I let go of any training expectations, took in my surrounding and just had fun.

So don’t forget to stop and take a look around, or take in a deep breath of amazing mountain air every once in awhile.

taking it all in!!









As we approached Rainbow lake I said to Andrew “Wow, I can’t wait to come back here in the summer when all the ice is melted”  Ah wait, it is summer, July 17th to be exact, the middle of summer!   We did take snowshoes but I wasn’t planning on wearing them.  Boy did they save me from slipping as we climbed toward rainbow peak.  However, we turned around as the weather started to turn dark and rainy.

Rainbow lake









Andrew and I goofing around









Have fun out there!

Kristie Elliot


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