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Posted by on Nov 3, 2011 in Trail Running | 0 comments

The little video that could

So thanks to those who voted for Andrew’s video Set Free a trail running story as that propelled us into the finals of the Mountain Equipment coop sweet spot 2011 video contest.  After two weeks of waiting we found out that MEC picked our video to win the grand prize of 2000$ in MEC gift cards.  A small bonus for living what we love as this was never our intent to make this film.  Andrew and I are going to continue on adventuring with some ski touring gear, something I keep saying I would love to do.  So thanks MEC for helping with that dream.


Last years MEC sweetspot 2010 winner Jamie Bond lives and filmed his video in Squamish, BC as well.  Perhaps, this means that Squamish has so much variety and beauty that its hard to beat  a place like this to live and play.  They do call Squamish the Outdoor Capital of Canada.  Jamie’s video is awesome as it depicts all the things you can do outside in Squamish in 24hours.



Well, our short little video may not  be done yet as we plan to enter it into a film festival upon an email from the festivals coordinator expressing some interest.  In some ways I hope it doesn’t make it in as I don’t want my face plastered for people to watch.  Haha.  I originally hoped that the film would inspire at least one person to get outside and explore, have fun all while staying active, maybe even go for a run.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.   So I guess the message is simple: Get out there, move, breathe, explore, enjoy and live what you love.  One step, two pedals, 100 steps or a million pedals of something,  get going! …..


Have fun out there!



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