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Posted by on Feb 25, 2013 in Hiking, Trail Running | 1 comment

Honeymooning on the Tour du Mont Blanc

Honeymooning on the Tour du Mont Blanc

A few days after our big day we left for our honeymoon in Europe.  We flew into Paris, spending a few days in the city of love before venturing on a train to Chamonix.

Since this was our honeymoon we decided to hire a tour group called Icicle mountaineering to book our accommodations and route.  Upon arriving in Chamonix we took in the energy of the UTMB  and made our way to Icicle head quarters.   We chose to do this self guided as we didn't want to stay with a group that was too slow or too fast.  Besides this was our honeymoon and I was going to savoir everyday in love in the alps. One could easily book the huts on your own by phone or show up and hope there is room.  But we choose to have everything booked and we wanted to leave our big traveling bag in a safe place. We met with one of the owners who was actually running the UTMB 100 miles in a few hours.  But, he informed us it would likely be rerouted due to weather in the mountains.  Bummer!  I was looking forward to seeing the racers pass through Courmayeur  as this would be the start of our hike.  

After picking up our maps with other options and back up plans if the weather were to turn bad we headed to Courmayeur.   We chose to do only 90km of the route instead of the full 167km as we wanted to have time to travel to other countries afterward.  We took a bus to Courmayeur were we stayed for our first night. We planned to get up in the early morning to cheer on the UTMB race that was racing through the town but due to weather it got rerouted and they didn't even come through.  I was looking forward to cheering on some familiar faces.

The above pictures  is the finish/start of the UTMB and finish for CCC.  The other one is the view from our hotel Hotel Betrod in Courmeyer, Italy.  A quaint medieval ski town with cobblestone streets, pastries, and lively eating experiences.  We ate at a small Italian restaurant where the owner rushed us in and sat us down to a  load of chatter and laughter all around us.  Way different experience then eating in a french restaurant! 

The next few posts will look at this beautiful hike/run from Courmeyer to Chamonix heading west toward Switzerland and back into France. 

We choose to hike but fast packing would be an excellent option.  Our packs only weighed 12lbs ish.  Not too bad for 6 days of hiking. 


 Next post:  Day 1: Courmeyer to Bonatti hut


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